Geography Quiz 41 Question and Answer For Railway Exam

Geography Quiz 41 Question and Answer For SSC Railway Exam – Dear students, today we have brought you Geography Quiz 41 Question and Answer For Question Answer through this article. Here I have brought you 41 important questions answer of Geography Question, which is very important for preparing for competitive examinations.

If you are preparing for SSC Railway IAS PCS or any other competition level, then this question answer is very important for you. Because we keep bringing you such questions which are very important in competition level.

Geography Quiz 41 Question and Answer For SSC Railway Exam

1- Reliance has opened COVID-19 dedicated hospital in which city.


2- How many years the Tokyo Olympics were canceled due to Kovid-19.

A – 1 year

3- Who has been selected for the FIFA awareness campaign against Covid-19.

U-Sunil Chhetri

4- Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced a relief package of how many lakh crore rupees for the migrant workers and the poor.

A- 1.7 Lakh Crore

5- Who has announced that the whole world has entered recession due to Kovid-19.

A-IMF – International Monetary Fund

6- Who has started Operation Namaste to deal with Kovid-19.

A-Indian Army

7- Which country’s lab has launched a test kit confirming corona virus in 5 minutes.


8- The Chief Minister of which state has launched the Self Declaration Kovid-19 App.


9- Government of India has launched which app to track the location of Corona infected people.

A-Corona Armor

10- Which country’s prime minister has been found positive in the corona virus test.

U-uk (boris johnson)

11- Due to Corona virus, how many months the RBI has given on the RMI payment on the outstanding loans.

A-3 months

12- Which country has the Hanta virus affected.


13- Rajasthan Police has launched which mobile app to get permission for people to exit during the corona virus lock down.

U-Raj Cop Citizen Mobile App

14- Kovid-19 is the country which has the most death.


15- Which board has released e-content and toll-free helpline number for students due to Kovid-19.


16- Due to Corona virus, on which day public curfew has been imposed in the country.

A – 22 March 2020

17- Which state government has formed Team-11 for corona virus.

A – Uttar Pradesh

18- Which state became the first state to lockdown due to corona virus.

A- Rajasthan

19- What is the name of the test of corona virus covid-19?


20- Social app Instagram has launched which feature to make its users aware about Corona virus.

U-Instagram Feed

21- What feature has been launched by WhatsApp in India to make you aware of Corona virus.

A-WhatsApp Chatbot

22- Princess Maria Teresa of which country has died due to corona virus.


23- Which feature Facebook has launched in India to make aware of Corona virus.

A-coronavirus information center

24- Which new website has been launched by Google to make you aware about Corona virus.

25- Which app has been launched in Punjab to make you aware of Corona virus.

U-Cova Punjab

26- Which company has announced $ 10 million for film and TV workers because of Kovid 19.


27- Which state government has announced to give 1 month free grain to poor people due to Corona virus.

A – Uttar Pradesh

28- Who together with WHO has announced to make people aware of Covid19‌.

A-actress Priyanka Chopra

29- Which bank has launched Covid19 emergency credit line.

A-SBI Bank

30- Which city has deployed drones for cleaning due to Corona virus.


31- Due to Covid19, which state government has announced to give ₹ 1000 to ration card holders.


32- All the ministers of the government of which state have announced a salary of 1 month in the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.


33- Who has started stay home India with books initiative due to corona virus.

U-NBT (national book trust)

34- Which country has announced 30,000 surgical masks in India due to Corona virus.


35- Where will the country’s largest hospital be established for the treatment of Covid19.


Which became the first state in India to launch a self-assessment tool for 36-covid-19.


37- The Municipal Corporation of Kis has developed Kovid 19 App.

A- Nagpur

38- Which city hospital has deployed robots for Kovid 19 patients.

A- Jaipur

39- Which country has announced to start antibody testing for Corona virus.


40- Kovid 19 has started iSec project due to lockdown.

U-IIT Gandhinagar

41- Announces the use of non-dissolving ink to identify quarantine people.

A. Election Commission

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